general counsel or chief legal officer (CLO) is the chief lawyer of a legal department, usually in a company or a governmental department.

In a company, the position typically reports directly to the CEO, and its duties involve overseeing and identifying the legal issues in all departments and their interrelation, including engineering, design, marketing, sales, distribution, credit, finance, human resources, production, as well as corporate governance and business policy. This would naturally require in most cases reporting directly to the owner or CEO overseeing the very business on which the CLO is expected to be familiar with and advise on the most confidential level. This requires the CLO/General Counsel to work closely with each of the other officers, and their departments, to appropriately be aware and advise

General_Counsel_PageRSA LIST SERVICES gives you access to the highest ranking Fortune 1000 General Counsel / Chief Legal Officers/Compliance Officers in America, the Fortune 1000 CLO Database. The Fortune 1000 General Counsel Officers are the ultimate corporate contacts when trying to reach the main corporate legal contacts,  with one of America’s largest corporations.

RSA LIST SERVICES provides comprehensive targeted contact information on General Counsel Officers for conducting business-to-business email Marketing campaigns. Our enhanced information is used by our clients for multi-channel marketing initiatives to include email, direct mail and telemarketing. 

If you target primarily the legal department of the Fortune 1000 companies, RSA LIST SERVICES can offer you a Fortune 1000 CLO Database. RSA LIST SERVICES is the first and only company to offer a complete database of Fortune 1000 CLOs, complete with personal email addresses.

This database contains the For Fortune 1000 CLO Database contacts database comes complete with corporate websites, contact name, title, corporate address, telephone, fax, email addresses and corporate demographics. You will not find another source offering comparable and complete information on the Fortune 1000 CLO Officers. Even Fortune Magazine does not offer an email appended database.This database is exactly what you need for your next direct mail campaign, email campaign or telesales lead generation. 

The Fortune 1000 CLO Database is updated continuously through Public Company Records/Sources. We search through hundreds of public company filings each business day for executive changes in public companies. The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) requires all public companies to disclose a “Departure of Directors or Certain Officers; Election of Directors; Appointment of Certain Officers” generally within four business days of the material corporate event. Public companies report these material events on Form 8-K.

We are the only business intelligence resource knowledge based research provider that timely and efficiently locates and extracts valuable information from over 15,000 of the largest publicly traded companies whenever a change in certain officer or director has occurred.

Fortune 500 & 1000 General Counsel Officers Databases Available:

  • Fortune 500 General Counsel & CLO Officer List ( 500 Records – 500 Companies ) (Price: $ 300)
  • Fortune 1000 General Counsel & CLO Officer List ( 1000 records – 1000 companies ) (Price: $ 600)

Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 and Fortune Global 500 are trademarks of Time Inc, used to rank American and Global corporations, according to their revenues. The databases marketed by RSA LIST SERVICES CORPORATION are compiled and created by RSA LIST SERVICES from public information of companies. RSA LIST SERVICES searches through hundreds of public company filings each business day for executive changes in public companies

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